Create time for doing what you love and realize your potential. Realize your projects with a new planning method and a new mindset

Not just another planner.

Life Goal Planner Simple Tiny Shifts is much more than a planner for appointments: it is a diary, a personal motivator, a tool that helps you to be productive and achieve your goals, but above all it is a calendar management and personal development method.

A new mindset to design your life and fulfill your potential. 

Life Goal Planner Simple Tiny Shifts recreates the planning experience by using the same mindset of a designer:


Make it real





Clarify your vision of what you truly desire, matching your talents with your passions, with a world map; with the year overview and the year plan.

Have fun finding your Ikigai: where your passions meet your mission and talents.

Here & Now: find the activities that allow you to focus and be present in the moment. 

Visualize your day, one year from now, creating your personal vision board.



Transform your vision into action in every area of your life.

It’s time to restart that project you have kept away in a drawer. It’s time to step out and make it real. 

Who can help you? What kind of resources do you need? What kind of books, courses, and people can help you to achieve your goals? How would you fit the project into the household budget? Don’t panic! The Life Goal Planner Simple Tiny Shifts guides you along the way, one simple tiny shift at a time.


How to incorporate your plan in your everyday life by setting monthly goals and breaking them down in small tasks doable day by day.

You’ll find 12 undated months. 

My Month page: your month at a glance.

Day by day habit tracker: keep track of your daily habits.

My week: setting aim for your week and plan the steps. Write down every day your one simple tiny shift of the day and at the end of the week highlight your top moments.




Take the time to review what you have already achieved and re-evaluate your plan moving forward. Revisit what you have accomplished this week and this month, what are the key-takeaways and highlights of the month. You’ll be surprised how far you’ll come.


Life is a working progress prototype. Improve, re-think, enhance yourself and live the life you love. The process and the journey are more important. Focus on the process rather than the outcome. And have fun during the process.



Perfect For


If you have an idea and many things to say, a blog can be the right place. Do not allow a thousand things to do to block your creativity. Start your blog a simple tiny step at a time.


Whether you travel for work, for vacation or as a lifestyle, planning will help you to have a complete experience


Practicing, composing, rehearsing, finding gigs. Nowadays, to be a musician is to be an Entrepreneur. Create your Vision Board and bring your music all around the world.

Start-upper and Project Manager

If you’ve always wanted to start a project and your business, but never found the time or don’t know where to start, with the Simple Tiny Shifts method you can finally find the time and take small steps day after day.


Starting a Freelance Business While Working Full-Time can be tough and tiring. Don’t feel overwhelmed and make it real, enjoying your new journey


For those who have a dream but cannot carry it forward because they are absorbed by work and family.


Track your activity in a different way!

This interactive planner makes goal setting easy as pie.
With actionable steps to follow, you’ll move toward your personal goals. it is a great tool to have when in pursuit of success.
It combines productivity and motivation in a day by day planner to keep you on track and heading toward goal achievement.
With The Life Goal Planner Simple Tiny Shifts you won’t loose sight of what is important to you.

Unlimited possibilities

Putting yourself in the driver’s seat of your goal setting, The Life Goal Planner Simple Tiny Shifts gives you the independence to choose what goals are important to you, giving you the internal motivation to pursue them and total freedom to choose and change your path.
Don’t limit youself.

Intuitive interface

The Life Goal planner STS is a step-by-step guide to achieving your goals.
Tracking goals with stickers in a fun and actionable way gives you a road map to success.
Start exactly where you are: there are no dates, begin whenever you want. Begin now.

Customize your life!

Don’t wait for New Years’ Resolutions. Begin now to design your life, one simple tiny shift at a time. Customize your planner, customize your journey.

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  • 12 monthly layouts (undated)
  • 5 weekly pages per month (undated)
  • 120 gsm white paper 
  • 1 yellow bookmark 
  • PVC smooth transparent cover with zip pocket (only for A5 format)
  • 3 sheets stickers Simple Tiny Shifts
  • 1 sticky notes set
  • A5/A4 format available

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