Journaling: powerful awareness tool. Why keep a diary

Journaling is a powerful tool of awareness that helps to face all the challenges that arise, stimulating reflection. Contents1 Why keep a diary2 How to keep a diary2.1 First steps towards self-care3 Journaling and psychology Why keep a diary Journaling is an extremely useful practice. Writing helps to rationalize and put black on white; it…

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Make It Real – How to brainstorm a project plan

The path to achieving a goal is always a “work in progress”. Start with an idea and start throwing down ideas and thoughts. Slowly the dots connect, and the overall picture becomes clearer. This path is made of attempts, tests, hypotheses, errors and corrections, for this it is called “work in progress”. It is a…

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Track Your Progress Towards Your Goals

Once the objective has been clarified, the established action has been plan created and put into practice, what guarantees the achievement of the objectives? The process of achieving a goal goes through 4 phases: Clarification of the objective (Design) Setting intentions on how to achieve it by creating an action plan (Make it Real); The…

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Crazy busy? Get more done with the Eisenhower Matrix

Some people struggle with productivity and feel like they don’t ever achieve enough in a day, while others thrive on it, ticking off tens of things on their footlong to-do list.    Contents1 The Eisenhower Matrix: What is it and How Can it Help You Manage Your Time? 2 What is the Eisenhower Matrix?3 How…

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What is your thinking habit? Are you optimistic?

Words are important. Not just the ones we tell the people around us. Even the ones we say to ourselves. Do we choose them the right way? According to Martin Seligman, the father of positive psychology, the period between childhood and old age consists in a long process of emancipation from a state of powerlessness…

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How to start a project by overcoming the first obstacles

Starting a project, an activity, a new challenge, a new adventure that puts us to the test, can be exciting but could face us with  difficulties and obstacles.   The obstacles   The fear of failure Sometimes we prevent ourselves from starting a journey because we do not know where it will take us nor…

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What would the person I want to become do?

Often we read, hear and listen about the “being yourself” thing. There are many books, even songs and it’s totally cool. But… what does it really mean? I’ve been thinking a lot about “being myself”, and I was wondering how can I be me and who is me? As everybody (I guess) there are many…

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How do you imagine your life in 12 months?

I am a big fan of the “New Years’ Resoultions” and these are usually my questions at the beginning of the year: Come immagino la mia vita tra 12 mesi? Quali obiettivi raggiungerò  quest’anno? Il 2 gennaio, tra una fetta di panettone e l’altra, compilo la lista di ciò che vorrei realizzare durante l’anno.  Sono…

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The Power Of Visualization

What the power of visualization is? The power of visualization is directly related to the Law of Attraction. After all, the main concept is to visualize an idea in your mind and it will be attracted to you.  The truth is that there are two different kinds of people: the ones who always expect the…

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Do you want to be more productive? Avoid multitasking

If you want to be more productive, avoid multitasking For some years now, knowing how to do more things at the same time is a source of pride and indeed, when we fail to do two things at the same time we are the object of ridicule. In common parlance, so-called “multitasking” has become synonymous…

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